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Legal Terms

Terms and Conditions

  • A 50% non-refundable deposit fee is required to hold your picnic date.

  • Full payment is due 72 hours prior to your picnic. Any cancellations must be made in writing 72 hours prior to your picnic date and time. We understand that life happens, if you need to reschedule, we will work with you based on availability. You may reschedule only once without penalty.

  • We accept payment through credit cards and Paypal. 

  • You are responsible for all property for the duration of your picnic. If theft occurs, please contact the local authorities immediately. A police report must be filed.

  • You are not to abandon the picnic property. If you would like to leave early, please notify your picnic stylist 30 minutes in advance.

  • All rental items supplied to the Client are property of Alpaca Picnic LLC unless otherwise stated in a signed invoice.

  • We understand that spills and accidents happen. If items are damaged beyond normal wear and tear, the Client is responsible for the full repair or replacement.

  • Alpaca Picnic LLC accepts no responsibility for injuries sustained where the Client and/or guests move or incorrectly use items against the recommendation or instruction of Alpaca Picnic LLC.

  • Alcohol Consumption: It is the responsibility of the Client to check alcohol laws of any venue or public space being used for one of our picnics. Alpaca Picnic LLC takes no responsibility for any alcohol consumption or penalties occurred.

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